miércoles, 29 de junio de 2022

English PDI Display

 Here you have the article published in the school magazine where you can have all the information about the things we did in the PDI of this year: +Art

Añadir un subtítulo de Purificación Fachal Corbeira

viernes, 20 de mayo de 2022


 Last Wednesday, our Kindergarten classes had a little surprise!

We were lucky enough to have David, Otto's dad, who is from the UK come to school to read us the "I want my hat back" story. It was such a great opportunity to listen to some real English input and learn from him. 

We really enjoyed it!

Thank you so much David.

lunes, 16 de mayo de 2022


 Hey friends! 

To finish off this PDI, we have learnt about New Zealand and an art we hadn't seen before: dance. 

In New Zealand the Haka is a very traditional and special dance performed at weddings, funerals and rugby games!

Our 5th graders have respectfully practiced and performed a Haka you can see in this video below. 

Check out the presentation about Haka to see what we learnt about it!

PDI HAKA DANCE de Purificación Fachal Corbeira

martes, 10 de mayo de 2022


 Hello friends! 

Click on the video to see the Change Sings poem by Amanda Gorman recited by our students. 

PDI PAINTING: Learning about Canadian traditions.

Hello friends! This month we have learned eveything about Maple Sugaring and all the Canadians traditions related to it.

We learnt the process involved in extracting the sap from the sugar maples to then make the Maple Syrup. 

Then, we read a book titled "Sugaring-off" and got to know the illustrator Gilles Pelletier. 

Gilles was born in Quebec, Canada, and painted illustrations for children books of Canadian scenery he saw daily around Quebec. 

Each class from school, painted one of those illustrations to then create our own sugaring-off story. 

Below you can see the presentation about Maple Sugaring and read the story

MAPLE SUGARING de Cris Vazquez Lorenzo

miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2022



Year 5B ,Year 6A and 6B have prepared different works about healthy habits. They decided to do posters or digital presentations. They chose different topics related to health such us sports, the food pyramid, recipes and tips to be healthy.


We celebrated Sports Day with Year 4. Click on this image to watch the presentation